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Introducing "Honeyed Tetris", a mesmerizing abstract painting created by the talented artist Lina Navickaite. This captivating artwork seamlessly blends minimalist aesthetics with intricate geometry, inviting viewers into a world of tranquility and order.


Each meticulously placed element in "Honeyed Tetris" forms a cohesive whole, reminiscent of a perfectly solved puzzle. Its tantalizing composition evokes a sense of harmony and sophistication, making it an ideal addition to any interior space.


Whether displayed in a living room, office, or bedroom, "Honeyed Tetris" is sure to become a conversation starter and a focal point of the room. Elevate your home with the modern elegance and thought-provoking artistry of Lina Navickaite's "Honeyed Tetris".

Honeyed Tetris

2 550,00£Price
  • 90x150cm, depth 3.8mm

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