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Quiet Relic of a Human" by Lina Navickaite is a truly unique abstract painting that brings a touch of tranquility to any space. With its pastel color palette and subtle symbolism, it evokes a profound sense of peacefulness and calm. The rounded, irregular 'worn' geometry resembles a time-smoothed map of human activities, offering a thought-provoking element to any room.



Perfect for Boho, Scandinavian, and Dark Academia interiors, as well as spa centers, offices, and clinics, this painting is a versatile and elegant addition. Embrace the quiet beauty of "Quiet Relic of a Human" by Lina Navickaite in your home or business today.

Quiet Relic of a Human

1 950,00£Price
  • 120x150cm

    Acrylics on Canvas


    Original artwork by Lina Navickaite

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