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Introducing the newest abstract minimalist painting: "Treasure Tetris". This captivating painting seamlessly blends minimalist aesthetics with intricate geometry, inviting viewers into a world of tranquility and order. Each carefully crafted piece fits together like a perfect puzzle, creating a mesmerizing composition that will command attention in any space.


Ideal for infusing sophistication and harmony into your interior, "Treasure Tetris" is versatile enough to enhance living rooms, offices, or bedrooms with its modern allure. Be prepared to spark conversations and draw admiration as this piece effortlessly becomes the focal point of your room.


Elevate your home with a touch of minimaalist elegance and thought-provoking artistry. Explore "Treasure Tetris" today and redefine your space with its timeless appeal.

Treasure Tetris Abstract Minimalist Painting

1 330,00£Price
  • 120x100cm

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