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"Dinosaur in the Wind" is a captivating piece from the "Earthy Geometry" series, where abstract art meets a touch of vintage charm. This painting features a dynamic composition of irregular geometric forms, evoking the essence of creatures caught in a deconstructed, windswept environment. The interplay of shapes and tones creates a sense of movement and mystery, making it an intriguing focal point for any room.


Ideal for dark and moody interiors, this piece brings a nostalgic yet timeless appeal that resonates with the eclectic vibes of the 70s and 80s. Its unique style and earthy palette make it a perfect addition to spaces that embrace a blend of retro and contemporary design elements. Whether you're looking to enhance a cozy corner or add depth to a statement wall, "Dinosaur in the Wind" offers a striking balance of artistic flair and vintage allure.

Dinosaur in the Wind

  • Size: 90x150cm

    Series: Earthy Geometry

    Technique: Acrylics on Canvas

    Y: 2024 

    Original painting by Lina Navickaite

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